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The Buddha in His Own Words

Fear and Dread

Dependent Co-Arising

Kalama Sutta


Anapanasati Handout as Adobe PDF


Mindfulness and Rational Living (chart from weekly meetings)


Modern Science & Other Information

Brain Mapping

USDavis Mind Brain


Meditation Push Ups

Rewire the Brain

Meditation for Teachers

Anxiety, Fear and the Brain

Limits of Neuroscience

Meditation Makes Us Healthier

Decoding the Body Watcher

Amygdala Article

Diagnosing the D.S.M.

Sleep & the Hypnic Jerk

Mindfulness Matters

Change Brain Structure in 8 Weeks

Drugs in Alcoholism Treatment

Risky Rise of the Good-Grade Pill

 Neuroscience for Kids - Cranial Nerves

Other Resources

Tiny Houses


Videos mentioned in meetings

Treating Depression: Is there a placebo effect?

Dan Rather Reports - Mind Science (Part 1 of 6)

The Elegant Universe -1


Six Nails of Naropa

Let go of what has passed.

Let go of what may arise.

Let go of what is happening now.

Let go of modulating (examining).

Let go of trying to control (there is nothing to do).

Let the mind rest in its natural state.


Mahayana Tibetan Prayers and Aspirations

Eight Verses for Training the Mind (Lojong)

Bodhisattva Vow Book Resources


Death & Dying Resources

Sample letter to family & friends for instructions upon your death


Colorado Living Will, pursuant to the Colorado Medical Treatment Act

Wallet Card, to indicate your wishes and beliefs in case of death

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