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Karuna Retreat Center, Phuket, Thailand

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The name, Karuna, means 'compassion' in Sanskrit. Karuna Meditation Center is our newest center and is located in Phuket, Thailand. KMC is designed for retreatants wanting to practice in retreat for any length of time in a tranquil and peaceful tropical environment.

Karuna Meditation Center is geared toward flexibility and can accommodate individual or group retreats. It is located near beautiful Kamala Beach in Southern Thailand, a country whose culture and ambiance reflect the benefits of more than a thousand years of Buddhist values. The emphasis at this center is on giving crystal-clear, detailed meditation guidance in fluent English in an environment Western people find comfortable, and in a part of the world that understands and supports meditation as an integral part of life. It is convenient for those who wish to practice for periods of time not usually offered with group retreats - perhaps 3 weeks or 6 months or longer. Individual retreats can be arranged for any length of stay and any time of year.

Assistance ranging from beginning instruction to to advanced guidance is available to individuals in English, in all schools of Buddhist thought. During group retreats, instruction is given in accordance with the announced topic of the retreat.

For further information about the location, environment, Thai visas, accommodations, prices & policies, and scheduled group retreats, please visit the center's website by clicking Meditation Thailand.

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